What a unique tribute and lasting legacy by a son who watched his loving parents suffer in a hospital during their final days on this earth. While his loving siblings and families were there to support their parents, he recognized others who were not so fortunate or blessed. The witness of distraction from their illness, and joy of those who languished in loneliness while enjoying watching sporting events together was he inspiration for jerseys of hope to try to bring that same joy to those suffering in hospitals without the benefit of loved ones to brighten their day. Well done my friend! I know Sharon and Boot are smiling down on you and will continue to guide your efforts to put a smile on the faces of those less fortunate.
— Tom Paumier, DDS
Developing the brand identity for Jerseys of Hope has been a privilege.
I was moved when John told me the origins of his idea for Jerseys of Hope; of his mother’s battle with cancer and the need he saw for hope and happiness in hospital wings like hers.
Jerseys of Hope has an inspiring beginning, shaped out of John’s positive resolve to channel a sad personal event into something good for many.
— Kieran Moriarity